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March 19, 2018 - Chem-Dry's Green Cleaning Process

At A+ Chem-Dry, we’re dedicated to making your home a clean, healthy environment for your family. By removing allergens, bacteria, and other toxins from your home, we make sure that your family has a clean, safe place to live. We want to make sure that our clients are both happy and healthy.
However, we don’t just want to make the inside of your home a healthy environment. It’s important to care for the wider environment as well. That’s why Chem-Dry works so hard to make sure that our carpet and upholstery cleaning processes and products are safe for your family and safe for the environment. From using a natural, non-toxic cleaner to conserving water, we are putting in every effort to ensure that we stay green.

Less Water Means Less Waste

When you have your carpets steam cleaned, the cleaner will pump gallons and gallons of water into your carpet at very high pressures in order to loosen the dirt particles. Not only does this often end up pushing the dirt deeper into the carpet, but it wastes a huge amount of water. Particularly in areas that are experiencing a drought, water is an extremely precious commodity that should be conserved.
Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process, on the other hand, uses only about one-fifth the volume of water as traditional steam cleaning. Instead of relying on the volume and pressure of the water to release the dirt particles, the carbonated bubbles from The Natural™ gently agitate and lift the dirt and allergens away. The end result is a cleaner carpet with less wasted water and a much faster drying time.

The Natural™ Keeps Things Environmentally Friendly

In the vast majority of our cleaning services, we use our proprietary, non-toxic, natural carpet cleaning solution, The Natural™. That’s more than just a name we use, though. The Natural™ is a blend of completely natural ingredients, containing absolutely zero soaps, solvents, detergents, or enzymes that could contaminate the water table or harm the plants and wildlife around your home.
Instead of harsh chemicals, The Natural™ relies on the power of carbonation. That’s right—carbonation. The same bubbles that tickle your nose when you drink a soft drink. During our hot carbonation extraction (HCE) process, The Natural™ releases millions of tiny bubbles into your carpet, which attach to and break apart the dirt particles that are clinging to the carpet’s fibers. We then use specialized machines to extract the solution, dirt and all, from deep inside your carpet, leaving a fresh, clean room with no dangerous chemicals and no soapy residue. Every ingredient in The Natural™ is on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, so you know it’s safe for your family and safe for the environment.


We know that there is more to being green than just saying the words and making the claims. In order to reassure customers that our services and products are environmentally safe, we follow rigorous standards to qualify for green certification. In addition to The Natural™, we use several other Green-Certified products, from our stain removers and carpet deodorizers to our proprietary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) liquid. We don’t take our responsibility to take care of the environment lightly, and we are willing to put in the work to make sure we fulfill that duty.

September 6, 2017 - Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

Here at A+ Chem-Dry, we do things differently. We take pride in being able to provide a natural, longer lasting carpet cleaning solution than traditional steam cleaning. Our unique Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method provides you with the best clean possible.

Our HCE process differs drastically from that of steam cleaners, which simply douse your carpet in buckets of hot, soapy water, then attempt to suck it all back out. While this process does temporarily clean your carpets, it also leaves behind a layer of sticky residue which collects dirt quicker, in addition to leaving moisture at the base of your carpet. This excess of moisture causes the carpets to take longer to dry and allows for mold and bacteria to grow.

Keep scrolling to Learn more about how our process outperforms traditional steam cleaning.

July 5, 2017 - What To Do When Your Dog Has An Accident

Coming home after a long day at work and having your furry friend rush to the door to give you a proper welcome is one of the best perks of having a pet. You open the door and there’s a happy pup waiting there. You look forward to getting home, greeting your friend, and kicking off your shoes after a long day at work. However, when you kick off your shoes and step into something wet that happiness just melts away.

Whether you’re potty-training a brand new puppy or have an old dog that refuses to learn new tricks, your carpets are at risk. Check out this infographic and learn how to combat pet odors and accidents before they ruin your floors and your day. Or for more serious incidents call A+ Chem-Dry and schedule your pet urine removal service.

March 2, 2107 - Go Green for March

You wouldn’t add harmful soaps, detergents, phosphates, or other harsh chemicals into your local lakes or forests. Why would you want to add them into your carpets at home? Luckily for our customers, we have worked toward offering a green solution for the past two decades. Our cleaning solution, The Natural®, is as green as it gets. It’s safe for you, your family, and your furry friends in four ways.

  • Oral Toxicity. Our products do not include hazardous substances ingested through the mouth.
  • Dermal Toxicity. Our products do not include poisonous substances that enter through skin contact.
  • Inhalation Toxicity. Our products do not distribute harmful pollutants that are breathed in from the atmosphere.
  • No Carcinogens. Our products do not include agents that increase the likelihood of cancer.

Our standards are clear and high here at A+ Chem-Dry. We want to offer you a cleaner, healthier, and GREENER home than the competition. Call us today to experience the revolution that is green carpet cleaning.
*Other products that A+ Chem-Dry offers that are green: The Natural, Stain Extinguisher, World Famous Spot Remover, Upholstery Rinse, Upholster Wet/Foam Cleaner, Carpet Deodorizer, Pet Odor Removal.

February 3, 2017 - Give Your Carpet Some Love

February is the month of love! While your giving your friends, family, and pets some love, don't forget your carpets! If you haven't gotten your carpets cleaned in the last six months, a cleaning is well overdue. Along with a carpet cleaning from A+ Chem-Dry, carpet protectant is another excellent way to give your carpets some love this month.

What exactly is carpet protectant and what does it do? Carpet protectant acts as an invisible shield from every day spills and accidents. The main goal of carpet protectant is to provide short-term water resistance. This gives you an extra time cushion to clean up a spill before it becomes a permanent stain on your precious carpet. It also prevents one major cause of carpet deterioration - carpet abrasion.

Combining carpet protectant with our revolutionary carpet cleaning methods is a dream combination. We clean with all natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family. Not to mention that our dry times are half of the competition.

A carpet cleaning and protection bundle will certainly make your carpet feel loved this season. Better yet, it would make a perfect present for your loved ones this Valentine's Day! Call A+ Chem-Dry to make your appointment today!

January 6, 2017 - 5 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets in Winter

Cleaning your carpets in the winter is just as important, if not more, than in the other seasons. Don't believe us? Here are 5 reasons to convince you to clean your carpets during this time of year!

1. Better Air Quality
Summer months are actually dirtier than in the winter due to airborne pollutants and debris. Pet dander, pollen spores, dust and other debris can cause extremely unhealthy indoor air quality, so when you close the house up for the cold weather months, it all gets trapped in your carpet. Getting your carpets deep cleaned can boost indoor air quality and help fight off those pesky respiratory illnesses that are caused by irritants.
2. Faster Dry Time
Another reason to clean carpet in the winter is quicker drying times. Contrary to popular belief, the humidity levels in the winter are lower. This allows the moisture used during your carpet cleaning to evaporate quickly, allowing your carpet to dry slightly faster.
3. Better Timing
During the winter, appointments are much easier to make, while in the spring you may have to wait several weeks to get your appointment. Call us now to avoid the rush in later months!
4. Long Lasting Clean
In the spring and summer, dust, pollens and pollutants are blown into your home through open windows and foot traffic resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment. After you shut your home tight for the winter, it is contaminated for the entire season. Once you clean your carpet, it gets rid of the dust, pollens, and pollutants that are less common in the winter months.
5. Save Money
During the winter season, we like to offer several specials to help our customers stay clean during this time! Give us a call to see what specials we are currently offering today.

July 7, 2016 - Pet Problems?

Here at Chem-Dry, we really like our pets. They brighten our day and they’re constantly there to support us, through thick and thin. However, they can make it a legitimate test to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh when pet incidents happen.

Not only is it challenging to deal with a pet urine mishap once one has happened, but it’s also challenging to be aware of where former accidents might have occurred, including incidents you may not have even been aware of. Employing a specific UV light, Chem-Dry can find pet incidents in your residense and get rid of pet urine aromas from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our innovative cleaning procedure called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the scent and instantaneously starts a chemical reaction that demolishes the pet urine scent. It’s shown wonderful success on even the most severe pet urine damage.

But how does it deliver the results?

Our exclusive P.U.R.T. procedure is unmatched in the business. It's exclusively produced to disintegrate molecules found deep in the carpet that are the source of the odors.
First, our properly trained expert will do an inspection of your carpets with a special ultraviolet light. This light exposes any troublesome areas and odorous urine deposits that may not be obvious to the naked eye.
Next, the carpet will be washed with our deep cleaning, patented Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process to get rid of any liquid or loosened urine crystals.
Then, we use our awesome odor removal product, P.U.R.T., to each stain. P.U.R.T. travels deep into the carpet pad and even the sub-floor getting to areas that typical cleaning products or process cannot reach.
Once applied, P.U.R.T. goes to work deteriorating all of the odor-causing elements over the next 24 to 36 hours. When each treated area has dried, the odor is gone completely.
Give us a call today to get rid of the irritating pet odors in your house right now!

February 5, 2016 - Give Your Carpet Some Love

February is the month of love, so perhaps you should show the carpet that's been with you through all these years some love too? Fortuitously for you, A+ Chem-Dry is a leader in carpet cleaning. We are nothing like any other carpet cleaner, because we have choices! We offer three differing carpet cleaning bundles, each supplying their own unique benefit. First of all, we have our Basic Cleaning package deal. This is made up of our professional strength deodorizer, a deep cleaning like never before with our HCE method, brush and groom carpet pile, and a pre inspection and spot testing. Sounds excellent right? Well, it gets better with our Protect Cleaning package. It includes each of the amentities described above, plus vaccuming just before your carpet cleaning. If that doesn't sound like the complete package, we have an additional option for you to choose from! It is our Healthy Home Cleaning package. This package has all you could could ever want, and more. It includes each of the amentities mentioned earlier, along with, carpet protectant, and our amazing sanitizer!

Think about all dirt, splatters, stains, your carpet has been through over the years. Don't forget to give it some love as well this month. Call us today, and inquire about our carpet cleaning packages to get more info!

October 5, 2015 - Six Spooky Particles Hiding Under Your Carpet

October and Halloween are renowned for creepy goblins and crazy witches. Here at A+ Chem-Dry we bet you didn't know that the following six spooky particles are buried in your carpet as you read this blog!


1. Odors

Any odor from pet urine to the body odor your teenagers bring indoors with them can remain with your carpet for several years. This leaves your household with an grotesquesmell, and it could actually be from the fluffyfabricbelow your feet.


2. Pet Dander

Even if you don't have a animal or have a animal in your house, your carpet nonetheless has pet dander. How? Well many others have pets and, convienently, feet. Your guests' feet bring pet dander into your private home, office, or almost everywhere your feet walk. Your feet, consequently, carry pet dander into your home. Let's face it, even if you neverpossess a pet in your home, pet dander alwayslivesin your carpet.


3. Fleas

A flea is a smallbug that feeds on the blood of animals, and they adore to hide deep into your carpet. Not having a consistent carpet cleaning, fleas survive under the conditions supplied by your carpet. This puts you and people around yoususceptible every time you come in contact with your carpet.


4. Dust Mites

Dust mites are compact and seriou sbugs that enjoy dwelling in your carpet. Dust mites hide deep into your carpet, and they simply cannot be taken away with just a standard outdated vacuum. But how exactly do dust mites effectyour house? They causeallergic reactions, and who wants that?


5. Mold

Mold is a direct result from a spill that is not properlylooked after, or just because your carpet is older and dusty. Mold in your carpet presentsdangeroushealth hazards to you and your loved ones.


6. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don't just survive in bedrooms. They can dwell in your carpet, as well! Much like pet dander, bed bugs can be transported from your luggage after a lengthy trip or from used furnishings you purchase from a colleague.
Although vaccuuming will not entirely dispose of these spooky particles that disguise in your carpet, A+ Chem-Dry can! We will leave your carpet virtually free from all of the ugly debris in your carpet. Contact us to get rid of these six spooky particles this October!