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June 7, 2017- Care and Cleaning of Microsuede Couches, Leather Furniture, and More

Being a central place for visiting, couches get exposed to a lot of popcorn crumbs, dog fur, dirt buildup and even unseen allergens! You’ve probably added ‘clean the couch’ to your weekly to-do list more than once. So let’s finally check this one off! After you know how to clean a microsuede couch, the ways of leather couch care, and other advice for couch stain removal, you will be on your way to a cleaner, comfortable sofa.

Proffesional Couch CleaningGeneral Rules to Protect Couch Surfaces

  1. Don’t overwet! Take the cleaning process slow and be careful not to overwet your cleaning rag, and more importantly, your couch itself! The saying ‘a little goes a long way’ is very applicable in this case.
  2. Test every liquid you are applying to your couch in an out-of-the way place, like under your couch or somewhere else unseen. That way, if it leaves an unattractive spot, it won’t be seen by your and you guests.
  3. Do not use blow drying methods to dry your couch quicker as it can alter the appearance of your sofa. With leather it can dehydrate it and leave it in worse condition than when you began.
  4. For a deep clean beneath the surface, give A+ Chem-Dry a call. We are able to remove 99.1% of allergens and assist your other professional sofa cleaning needs.

Leather Couch Care

Leather Couch Care

 Before you begin, vacuum away crumbs left behind by busy   toddlers or late night snack sessions. Use a soft bristle vacuum   brush, pay special attention to the cracks and crevices where   crumbs might be hiding. Review the tags attached to your couch for special instruction specific to leather couch care for your individual sofa.

 Next, get ready to shine! Combine equal parts water and white   vinegar to make a cleaning solution. Test the solution on an out-of-the way spot on your furniture. Use a damp towel to wipe down  the entire sofa with the solution and dry with a clean towel. Remember, do not use a blow dryer or your sofa could become dehydrated! Condition with a 1:2 ratio of white vinegar to flax seed old. Apply with a soft clean cloth in circular motions and let it dry overnight. Lastly, use a clean rag to buff it the next day.

Cleaning Microfiber Sofa

Microsuede is actually a type of Microfiber, both can be cleaned with gentle care and attention. First and foremost, check the tag to discover which code your sofa is. You should be looking for a W, S, W-X, or X.  When considering how to clean a microsuede couch this is important because water can leave water rings once the surface of your sofa is dry.

W= water based cleaning solution

S= Solvent based cleaning solution

W-S= either

X= vacuum only

After you know which code to follow, fill a cleanmicrofiber couch cleaning spray bottle with the appropriate mixture. For a solvent based solution, rubbing alcohol is an easily accessible option. Now, before you alter your sofa, makes sure it is for better not worse. Test spot the spray somewhere that is usually unseen, like the bottom of the furniture. Allow the test spot to dry completely before applying it to the rest of the fabric.

Once you have determined it is safe, begin by spraying one  small area at a time. Blot gently, don’t scrub or you might make the surface look dirtier. You can also rub gently with a clean towel in circular motions. Microfiber towels tend to be gentle on fabric. After cleaning your microfiber sofa, and it is mostly to completely dry, fluff the fibers so your furniture doesn’t appear crusty. You can use a clean sponge (similar to the color of your furniture so as not to transfer any dye) or use a soft white bristle brush.

Upholstery Protectant 

There are almost always ways to removeCarpet Protectant and Cleaning stains and restore your couches to their original status. Whether that is through at home methods, or professional sofa cleaning by A+ Chem-Dry. But  the easiest thing you can do to clean your couches is Upholstery cleaning free estimateprotect them in the first place. A+ Chem-Dry can provide you with an upholstery protectant. Once they apply the protectant, fibers  are surrounded with a protective barrier to  prevent stains in the future. If you have tried everything, let us have a turn attacking stubborn stains and delivering an effective general cleaning.


June 7, 2017 - Tips For Keeping Your Upholstery Clean

The cushions, arm rests and decorative pillows that provide you and your family with comfort daily are some of the most dirty items in your home. Due to this fact, it only makes sense that your upholstery demands constant upkeep. At the same time, it’s the area of the home that doesn’t get as much cleaning attention as it should. Here are some helpful tips to keep your upholstered furniture as clean as possible (in between the professional cleanings, of course!) 

Become Proactive About Vacuuming 

First and foremost, vacuum regularly to better manage the cat hair, dirt, dead skin, and germs that can soil your beautiful cushions, arm rests, and pillows. No matter what kind of material your couch is made of, regular upkeep will keep it in the best condition possible.  Vacuum daily, and make sure to be very thorough. We mean don’t just vacuum the surface of your cushions. Utilize your vacuum’s accessories such as the detachable brush which will allow you to get inside the crevasses for a detailed cleaning. If you’re too busy to do this yourself, enlist a teenager in the house to vacuum the upholstery as their after-school duty, and entice them with a special treat at the end of a week’s work and a job well done!

Toss Throw Pillows in the Dryer

This is a quick and easy tip for keeping gorgeous throw pillows to look their best. Many furniture owners make the mistake of bypassing care for the pillows by concentrating solely on the cushions. Tossing pillows in the dryer won’t just allow you to give them a quick clean to eliminate dust. It’s also a clever way to fluff them up and look their best!

Purchase Slip Covers and Arm Rests

If you struggle with frequent, unmanageable spills that seem to occur every other day of the week, a slip cover can be a great way to protect your upholstery. Visit your local department store and choose from a diverse selection of brands, colors, and prints that match your home décor.

Spot Check Daily and Apply a Treatment to Spills Immediately

Spills happen no matter how careful you are. But when they happen on your upholstery, make sure to treat them immediately. You don’t need an expensive cleaner for a quick fix. All it requires (to treat most stains and spills) is some common household products. Mix a quart of warm water with 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon ammonia and ¼ cup of liquid or powdered laundry detergent. Apply just a tiny bit of the frothed mixture to the affected area, and blot with a moist towel.Keep your family members away from the area until it’s dry.

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If a home remedy doesn’t work, contact us to take care of it quickly so you can get back to a healthy, happy and spot-free home!

March 2, 2016 - What's Hiding in Your Upholstery

We lay on our couches and chairs every day, but how often do we think of cleaning them? Dust and dirt debris reside on these materials, and get forced deeper into the materials, the longer we go without a proper clean. Most people don't even understand they are there since they are so minute. This makes cleaning your upholstery vital to your, and your family's, health and wellness.

upholstery cleaning blog
Body oils, and grease, from both humans and animals attach and hold on to your couches. Body oils are easily transferred to the head cushions and armrests of the furniture and can cause significant harm to the protective finishes found on them.
Soils are almost unavioidable. Soils consist of dirt tracked in from outside along with sand and fibers from plants, brought into the home by people and pets. So if going outside is a typical event for you and your family, chances are your couches are being plagued by numerous distinct types of soils every day.
The inks from newspapers and dyes from denim can transfer onto fabric in a process called dye transfer. Additionally, the risk of ink from a leaky pen or the driven toddler who loves to draw should not be forgotten.
Do remember that your upholstery needs to be cleaned once a year, as a minimum! When you're ready to get a fresh new outlook on your upholstery, make sure you call us!

September 2, 2015 - Bring Back the Beauty of Your Furniture


Does your furniture fall a little flat in contrast to the photo above? No worries! We know, here at A+ Chem-Dry, that your upholstery can go through a good deal in it's lifetime. From food to paint to dirt, it just seems like upholstery is a magnet for stains and grime. Due to these fibers, your furniture can be left looking unappealing and out of date over the years. Luckily A+ Chem-Dry gives you budget friendly upholstery cleaning in your area!

Chem-Dry delivers superior added benefits while cleaning your upholstery. The most popular benefit that A+ Chem-Dry supplies you is that we utilize harmless products that don't leave behind any destructive remains. This is extremely critical in upholstery cleaning, because these items come in contact with our skin constantly.

If you've never had your upholstery cleaned appropriately, now is the moment to do it! Don't skip a good upholstery cleaning for your dependable couches and other upholstery merchandise. The before and after of a clean by us is truly remarkable!


Give A+ Chem-Dry a call to experience these results today!