3 Reasons Why You Need Stain Protectant In Your Life!
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Have you ever wondered how or if stain protectant works? And can it really make a difference? The answer to both of those questions is yes! And here are a few reasons why:

1. Stops Stains in their Tracks:

Have you ever wished you could stop stains in their tracks before they can do their damage? Now you can! A+ Chem-Dry's stain protectant solution works by forming a strong defensive layer around fabric fibers, repelling most liquids and stain-causing agents. This means that you will now have the time you have been wishing for to wipe up a spill before it can penetrate and become a permanent stain!

Carpet Stain Solution

2. Reduces Wear & Tear 

A+ Chem-Dry's Stain Protectant refreshes and restores the stain resistance quality of your carpet! When applied, it puts a protective coating on your carpet which reduces wear and abrasion caused by dirt particles and foot traffic, thus prolonging the life of your carpet and saving you money in the long run! 

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaner

3. Protects all of your carpet - not just the surface!

A+ Chem-Dry's Stain Protectant is co-applied along with the cleaner, so it goes on hot, creating a better bond with the fibers! This means that it protects the WHOLE LENGTH of the strands of yarn in your carpet rather than just landing on the tips of the strands (like when a stain guard is sprayed on the surface afterward). 

Adding Stain Protectant to your cleaning just makes sense in Merced, CA and the surrounding areas! Call A+ Chem-Dry today!