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Decorating With Color!


The colors you use to decorate communicate various things to your guests. Click a color below to learn more about it!








Energy, Action, Aggression

The color red can inspire energy and action! It can be fun to add a splash of color using red, but keep in mind that red can spark aggression. Too much red, say a room of red walls, can be irritable to you and your family. When it comes to decorating with the color red in Merced CA, less is more!

Decorating with redHow to decorate with red


Excitement, Communication, Optimism

Orange is a color that shouts 'look at me'. Much like red, is is good in small doses- consider statement pieces of decor or an accent wall. Orange is popularly used in dining rooms because it is clean, bright, and stimulates appetite.

Avoid using orange to decorate a bedroom as it doesn't encourage rest and relaxation.

If true orange is too bright for you, you could always use a shade of yellow-orange to soften the look. Multiple shades of red orange, orange, and yellow orange can look great together.

How to decorate with orangeHow to decorate with orange


Cheerful, Optimistic 

Yellow is perhaps one of the brightest and boldest colors of all! It evokes happiness. Use yellow to accent your kitchen or bathroom rather than your bedroom. If you are painting a full wall yellow, try out lighter, creamier shades so the accent wall won't be too overbearing.

One trendy combination is pairing yellow with gray. Pairing the two helps to make the yellow items pop in a way that isn't abrasive.

Another way to incorporate yellow is by painting the back splash in your kitchen a cheery canary yellow.

How to decorate with yellow  How to decorate with yellow


Balance, Growth, Natural

If you're looking to redecorate your bedroom, green is the perfect color. Add natural notes of green to your room by using plants. Many faux plants look real and are great for decorating, especially in rooms that don't get much natural light.

Green makes a room feel more natural and serene.

 How to decorate with greenHow to decorate with green


Peace, Trust, Calm

Blue is a calming color. It is great for bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue helps you relax and brings a sense of peacefulness into your home.

 How to decorate with blue


Creative, Imaginative

Purple is a dynamic color. It can be very elegant and calm, or peppy and bold. Depending on what shade you use and where you use it, the interpretation may vary. Play around with different shades and textures. Get creative! After all, the color purple itself symbolizes creativity.

How to decorate with purpleHow to decorate with purple