Find Out if You Need a Carpet Cleaning in Merced CA
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Carpets make a room cozy and cute! They insulate a room to keep it warm and provide a safe place for kids to play. Carpet is a great investment, but like all investments it requires upkeep. Experts recommend a carpet cleaning every 3-6 months, but why? Carpets can trap bacteria, dirt, and allergens quite easily. These elements can compromise the health of you and your family by triggering allergies, asthma, and more. So let's take a look and see if you need a carpet cleaning and why!

Do you need a carpet cleaning? Let's find out.

carpet cleaning flowchart in Merced CA

If you have kids or pets, you are more likely to need regular carpet cleanings. Even if you don't, there are other factors at hand. The bottom line is unless you had a carpet cleaning this year, you need one. 

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