Life Gets Pretty Messy
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Summer usually includes a lot of homemade indoor projects, muddy outdoor play, and sticky, melty treats. And yes, we love this exploratory season, but we don't always love the messes that follow.

Paint soaks into carpet fibers and mud can leave quite a stain. It seems like carpet stains may never come out, but there is a way they can. HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction) methods harness the power of carbonation. Million of tiny microscopic effervescent bubbles race to the base of your carpet and loosen up dirt and stains.

At A+ Chem-Dry we like to say "if we can't remove it no one can!". We say this because we have had great success  removing CRAZY stains from all kinds of carpet. We're talking marker, paint, mud, throw up, red juice, urine, ink, coffee, wine, and so much more!